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              400-892-3288    中國外墻涂料品牌

              One-Stop Overall Wall Art Solution

              • Online browsing consulting
              • Submit the plan/purchasing list
              • Budget
              • Contract signing/delivery
              QANYEE Classical Engineering Case
              Classic case
              • 星級酒店外墻涂料案例
              • 高檔住宅外墻涂料案例
              • 房地產外墻涂料案例
              • 更多分類...

              Just because of our specialty and delication, we can serve every customer of us

              superior quality + delivery within three days Nationwide hotline for customization:400-892-3288
              Paint Product Display
              Product name
              • Service Num:400-892-3288
              • QQ:3291446361
              • Email:nantian@qiangyi.com
              • Address:中山市小欖鎮小欖工業大道南15號之二
              NANTINA COMPANY

              Established in 1993, Nantian has adhered to the craftsmanship spirit and worked hard for 24 years. At present, it has become an integrated enterprise, engaging itself in research, development, production, marketing of paint and coating products. It owns large-scale standard plants, advanced modern equipment, and a high-quality professional team.

              墻藝外墻涂料 石之彩外墻涂料 南天涂料 了解墻藝

              Sand gel paint, water-based metallic paint, colorful granite lacquer, natural true-stone paint, liquid granite coating, Korean color stone coating, and fluorocarbon coating

              NANTINA COMPANY
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              • Patent certificate
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              Guangdong Nantian coating Co., Ltd


              Guangdong Nantian coating Co., Ltd
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